JT Legal Group Wins Over $900K for their Car Accident Client

JT Legal Group Settles Over $900k for Car Accident Client

JT Legal Group has successfully awarded their client with a settlement of over $900,000. This was awarded due to their representation of their client, the Plaintiff, who was severely injured after a rear-end car accident in California.

The incident took place on September 5th, 2021. JT Legal Group’s Plaintiff was driving a Ford SUV going westbound on the 10 freeway. The Plaintiffs are 5 individuals, including a 1-year-old daughter. The Plaintiffs were en route to visit friends and family. As expected in Los Angeles County, these individuals were sitting in traffic on the 10 freeway. Our Plaintiff, who was in lane 3, slowed his vehicle to an eventual stop.

While the Plaintiff was at a complete stop in traffic, the Defendant was driving an employer-given Ford tow truck in the same 3rd lane in the 10 freeway. Although there was apparent traffic on the 10 freeway, the Defendant failed to make a safe and complete stop, forcing the Defendant to violently rear-end the Plaintiff’s SUV. Since none of the Plaintiffs had their seatbelt on, all sustained injuries. This caused the Plaintiff’s SUV to hit the vehicle directly in front of it. A local Police Officer arrived at the scene and gave the below report.

Police Summary of September 5th, 2021 CA Freeway 10 Auto Accident

The Officer identified the Defendant as the cause of the auto accident due to his unsafe speed and negligence for not safely bringing the vehicle to a proper stop. Apart from violating CVC 22350, the Defendant was also found in clear violation of CVC 21703, as the Defendant followed the Plaintiff at an extremely close proximity. Since the Plaintiff also had a child in the backseat, our Attorneys were able to help the client out of the Criminal, Child Endangerment aspect of the matter. After months of relentlessly negotiating the proper outcome, JT Legal Group was able to recover $1M for the personal injury and property damage experienced by the Plaintiff. The matter was settled on December 14, 2022.

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