84-Year-Old Man Killed in Madera Crash

On Tuesday night, August 10th, a collision took place which claimed the life of an 84-year-old man. 

The crash happened in Madera on Highway 99 near Cleveland Avenue. 

According to reports from authorities, the 84-year-old was heading southbound when attempting to avoid a box truck. As a result, he collided with the embankment. Following that collision, he ended up colliding with the box truck. 

The name of the 84-year-old man has not been disclosed. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

On the other hand, the driver of the box truck did not sustain any injuries. 

No further details have been released. 

An active investigation is underway. 

It has been estimated by the NHTSA that the majority of those killed in car accidents involve those aged 65 and older. Approximately 70% of the deaths in 2019 were either an older driver or passenger (65 and older). Older driver deaths accounted for 57.6% of traffic deaths while 12.1% of those deaths were passengers 65+. 

While older drivers may feel more experienced driving, it is important to realize the vulnerabilities they face on the road. When we age our awareness, mental reaction, vision and motor controls are all impacted and we may not be as sharp in those areas as we once were. Weather conditions, driving at night as well as heavy traffic are all things that may become more challenging as we age. 

This loss of independence can be difficult for older drivers to accept so turning to loved ones for advice and comfort may be helpful. 

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