Torrance, California, November 25, 2020

JT Legal Group, a law corporation that specializes in personal injury has successfully obtained a $550,000 settlement. This lawsuit arose out of a U-Turn collision that occurred at approximately 11:30 a.m on 18, April 2019. 

Our client, a 29-year old military airplane mechanic, was operating his sport utility vehicle at the intersection of Western Avenue and Carson in Torrance. Although he had the right of way, the driver’s side of his vehicle was clipped by the right front bumper of a disposal truck. The defendant was attempting to make a two-point U-turn from the northbound lanes of Western Avenue into the southbound lanes.

After the collision, both vehicles pulled into a near-by parking lot to exchange information. Later, when our client was home, he felt pain in his neck, back, left shoulder, arm and leg. He stated that the pain was radiating down his left arm and left leg. 

Many car accident victims do not experience pain immediately after an accident due to the body releasing adrenaline during the accident. Normally, the stress we feel in these situations masks the pain of an injury for several hours, and maybe even days.

Studies from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that 36 percent of all automobile accidents happen at intersections. More than 480,000 of those crashes involve drivers turning left. 

JT Legal Group’s mission is to make sure that we provide justice to the people who have been affected by acts of negligence. JT Legal Group has successfully settled over $2 billion for our clients. 

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