$450,000 Recovered From Rear-End

Temecula, CA. November 2022: JT Legal Group, a law firm specializing in personal injury successfully secures $450,000 from a collision involving a rear-end.

This litigation arose out of a collision which occurred in May 2018 when JT Legal Group’s client was driving slowly past another accident scene on his left alongside his wife who was in the passenger seat. The client looked in his rearview mirror and noticed the defendant behind him failing to decelerate and aggressively rear-ended his vehicle, causing him to rear-end the vehicle in front of him.

The forceful impact of the collision caused the client to lose consciousness for a few seconds. As soon as he regained consciousness he noticed their vehicle start to smoke. He and his wife rushed out of the vehicle and were examined by medical professionals due to feeling immediate pain in their back, spine and necks. 

JT Legal Groups client had to undergo numerous epidural injections to help alleviate the pain in his back. The time needed for the client to fully recover from his injuries resulted in him missing work which led to loss of wages.

JT Legal Group ensures each client’s well being is top priority when providing them with options of medical treatments. JT Legal Group works with a handful of trusted doctors and chiropractors that’ll help smoothen out the claims process for their clients. 

For more information about JT Legal Group and their recent settlements please visit: https://www.jtlegalgroup.com/press-releases/

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