Uninsured Driver Walks Away With $300,000

Galt, CA: July 2022. JT Legal Group, a personal injury law firm, has successfully secured a $300,000 settlement for an uninsured driver. The client, who was uninsured at the time of the accident, was limited to the amount of damages she could collect because of Proposition 213.

California’s Personal Responsibility Act of 1996, otherwise known as Proposition 213, is a law that applies to uninsured motorists and owners of uninsured vehicles. The purpose of this act is to motivate drivers to maintain liability insurance; without liability insurance, the consequences would cause a limitation of the amount of damages that a Prop 213 driver can collect after being injured by an insured driver and/or vehicle.

The collision occurred on February 1, 2022, where the client was t-boned when passing a stop sign on Cherokee Lane and Twin Cities Rd. in Galt, CA. The client had proceeded her right of way after stopping at the sign when the defendant sped through, failed to stop, and t-boned the driver’s side of the vehicle. The impact caused the client’s vehicle to be forced a few feet into a wired fence. 

Immediately after the accident, the client sustained injuries to her back, neck, and chest. She feared that her immigration status would interfere with her obtaining treatment, or even qualifying for a bodily injury claim

Upon scrolling through Facebook, she discovered one of JT Legal Group’s advertisements and decided to take a chance and gave them a call. She was thrilled to find out that JT Legal Group was willing to help take on her case. She received the treatment necessary to recover from her injuries.

Because the client was uninsured, the insurance company only wanted to pay the reasonable medical specials in this case. California law disallows general damages such as pain and suffering to uninsured motorists involved in traffic collisions within the state. Lawyers are less likely to fight hard for the case because of the lack of money available to pay their contingency fee with Prop 213 cases since you are only allowed to recover for reasonable medicals, but JT Legal Group never hesitated. 

Within five months, JT Legal Group’s brilliant attorneys were able to successfully recover $300,000 in compensation for their client. JT Legal Group’s attorneys take pride in the representation of their clients. They put the client’s well being first and fight for them like family. That is why JT Legal Group has been successful in settling over $2.2 Billion in compensation for their clients. 

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