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    If your home had equity when you were foreclosed upon, you could be owed a substantial amount of money — even if the foreclosure is in the past.

    At JT Legal Group, resolving property-related disputes and other legal matters is the cornerstone of our practice. We pride ourselves in helping individuals recover the surplus funds from their foreclosure auction, even if the sale occurred in the past. Know your rights — contact our legal team today for a free consultation with a California surplus funds attorney!

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    Armine Singh

    Armine Singh is the Managing Attorney at JT Legal Group. Armine has defended hundreds of homeowners from foreclosure through successful real estate litigation defense...

    Recover Surplus Funds You’re Owed Post-Foreclosure

    Was your property with equity foreclosed upon? You could be owed a substantial amount of money. If your property sold at auction for more than the bank was owed, the remainder could be legally yours. You need legal help to recover those funds — get a free consultation today!