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    Prompt action is vital by Golden State homeowners in distress to avoid losing their most valuable asset. Below the form we have outlined various foreclosure defense options that can save homes from a total, permanent loss. Don't wait, setup a free consultation today. A quick phone can save your home. Let us help!

    California residents fighting daily to hold onto the roof over their head — often with little more than a wing and a prayer as foreclosure looms ever closer — need to let JT Legal Group's California mortgage litigation attorneys intercede fast on their behalf.


    The first step toward relief is to redirect the anxiety and guilt you have over your pending foreclosure action by placing blame where it often rightfully lays. That is, at the feet of bad acting mortgage lenders, who have played a game for decades to exploit innocent borrowers with illegal tactics and deceptive business practices.

    However, thanks to the California Homeowner Bill of Rights (enacted in 2013), the jig is up for crooked bankers, as there is a legal system that is now in place to defend homeowners and allow them to remain in their homes as long as possible. This legislation crucially gives homeowners new legal tools to mount an effective counter-offense to foreclosure, with the help of a skilled California mortgage litigation attorney.

    Unfortunately, lenders prey on the fact that most people facing foreclosure will not try to take them on, even if they have committed glaring violations. This is because it's always easier to just accept what a massive figurehead (such as a bank) is saying, rather than to really inspect it and take a stand for your rights.

    But you do, in fact, have the power to stand up for yourself. You can start by picking up the phone and calling our law firm to speak with a mortgage attorney in Los Angeles at (888) 529-3111. Our firm offers a free 15 minute consultation, so that you can get advice from a veteran foreclosure attorney and begin devising a plan against your lender — with the goal, ultimately, of saving your home.

    TAKE ACTION NOW: Contact JT Legal Group's expert mortgage litigation attorneys online or call (888) 529-3111 to speak to an attorney immediately.

    How Lender-Adverse Lawsuits Arise

    This may be the best way to bring foreclosure to a permanent end. Litigation can bring to light any improper practices the lender may have engaged in, especially as applied to the California Homeowner Bill of Rights. Specific loan provisions can also be revised. For instance, rather than settle an entire loan to require losing homeownership benefits, a foreclosure defense lawyer in California might negotiate a lower interest rate that can make payments manageable. Moratoriums to temporarily suspend or reduce payments are also popular foreclosure alternatives.

    • Higher monthly payment than originally stated
    • Inflated rate of interest
    • Concealed finance charges
    • Excessive junk fees – like document processing or settlement fees
    • Bait-and-Switch Loan Terms – such as variable interest vs. fixed-rate
    • Early repayment penalties
    • Impound account misappropriation

    If you have encountered any of the above or similar issue(s), don't wait another moment to call JT Legal Group for guidance from a Los Angeles mortgage lawyer. Although every case is different, and you must speak with an attorney to determine the basis of your unique situation, these are good indicators that you may have a case against your lender.

    How to Halt Fraudulent Foreclosure Fast

    Foreclosure prevention is the primary motivation for most mortgagor-plaintiff litigation. However, the main barrier they face in this race is typically a common 'proactive defense' strategy of lenders designed to defeat that very same goal with various shortcuts to bypass due process of law. Don't let a predatory lender off the hook — the experienced mortgage lawyers at JT Legal Group know how to combat the usual defense employed by lenders in foreclosure suits.

    JT Legal Group mortgage lawyers have seen it all, and play by the very same rules to put the ball in your court and beat lenders at their own game. Besides injunction against foreclosure, we've been able to obtain large damage award verdicts in favor of clients, in the form of financial compensation paid directly from the lender or trustee as a result of mortgage litigation.

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    Los Angeles mortgage lawyers at JT Legal Group have assisted many homeowners who didn't know where to turn, or if it was even realistic for them to fight back against seemingly aggressive and monolithic lending institutions.


    We assure you — it is realistic, and you do have a fighting chance to save your home and maintain a sense of normalcy for you and your loved ones. Give us a call today at (888) 529-3111 to get back on the right track, so that you can enter a bright new future with a fresh start in life.

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